About Us

Tribute Chocolate was created by Peter Edmunds, Gareth Pike, Mike Charter and Tim Edmunds
from their passion for great Chocolate, combined with their love of the traditional Belgian
chocolatier and edgy artwork explains how the Tribute brand comes together.

Tribute is made from Belgian, Organic, Fairtrade Chocolate...

“Our product can be compared to the uniqueness found in a Grand Cruz wine or a single malt whiskey.
The complexity is also because it is certified ­organic,” Peter Edmunds



Tribute was born from the concept that collectively we want to pay homage to the growers of the amazing organic Fairtrade crops that provide the singe origin cocoa beans, the Belgian chocolate artisans and then to you the customer that deserves the best chocolate every time." Gareth says...

Pete explains, “Having lived in France for a year or so, I became spoiled by the high quality of French chocolatiers. Our ritual of having a single handmade chocolate after dinner was something I wanted to continue when I returned to Australia. At the same time, I wanted to eat organic food wherever possible, so I immediately noticed the lack of top quality organic chocolate in Australia. I really wanted something a bit more special than a mass-produced organic chocolate bar, and I couldn’t find it.” Lindsay & Edmunds range of handmade organic chocolate was born, this is the engine room for 'Tribute Chocolate.'

““Chocolate is my vice! So as an AVAALER we decided to use the finest Belgian chocolate, partner with one of Australia’s (World’s) best chocolatiers and create an organic, Fairtrade, single origin, premium chocolate bar, who wouldn’t be 100% on board with that.  Tribute is about adding value at all levels and is definitely in my sweet spot.” Mike Charter

The 'Tribute Precinct' is based in Sydney Australia.